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McNeese State University (MSU) - Post-Baccalaureate

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Transferrable Skills Benefit PK-12 Students

McNeese State University's initial-certification post-baccalaureate certificate (PBC) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs effect change through education by empowering students, investing in communities, and impacting the world. All PBC and MAT programs in elementary and secondary education are offered 100% online. Professional development and learning is advanced through an improvement cycle tailored specifically to the needs of each teacher candidate. Program coursework actively engages candidates in community and research activities throughout the program. These alternative initial certification pathways capitalize on the transferable skills candidates bring in with them from previous careers and experiences to benefit their future students and schools.

Number of Program Completers

78 candidates completed this program from 2017-2018 through 2019-2020.

Number of School System Partnerships

9 school systems have a formal partnership with this teacher preparation program.

Financial Aid Opportunities Offered

This program offers financial aid opportunities for candidates enrolled in their program.